Revision resources

Thank goodness you came here when you did! If you want to be amazing at Economics A Level then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve created lots of resources to help you with your revision.

To achieve your best, you need a strategy and that is where I can help you. Any good strategy will have a series of steps and this is what I recommend for Economics:

1. Key Words

First, learning Economics is like learning a new language. There are many new words that you need to understand. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle – if you don’t know what the different pieces mean then you won’t understand how they fit together. To help with that I have created these key terms sheets for each unit.

I prefer helping students who are prepared to put the work in, but if you’ve left it too late to prepare properly, then I’ve got your back too. These are the most valuable definitions across the whole course:

(Quizlet is a great way to learn – I’ve set up Quizlet study sets for these different sets of definitions – if you would like access them on Quizlet then click this link)

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2. Diagrams

Next up, the diagrams in Economics are vital. Here are diagram checklists. You need to strategically practise drawing and explaining the diagrams until you get them right every time.

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3. Consolidation Checklists

Third, you need to consolidate the key material in each part of the course. These checklists are handy ways to work through and make sure you know the material which you are most likely to be tested on.

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4. Essay Marking Grids

With those building blocks in place you can start writing essays. Here is my advice to writing essays. The marking grids give a template which I would use if I were a student writing these essays, but they are also useful for teachers for marking essays more efficiently and giving more meaningful feedback.

If you’re struggling with something, let me know and I’ll see if I have something that can help you.

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