I set up econamazing.com to empower and inspire young people to become amazing economists.

Our Mission

Unfortunately many schools do not offer Economics A Level and many students do not have access to really good teaching. Furthermore, many people leave school without even knowing what Economics really is. I want to level the playing field so that anyone who has some passion can fulfil their potential.

I know your pain – Economics can be really confusing when you start out. It’s like a puzzle – you need to look closely at every little piece of the puzzle first, before you start to find little links and connections and, if you stick with it, soon you’ll see the stunning big picture of how it all hangs together. Trust me, it’s truly amazing.

I believe that an Economics education is priceless as it reveals powerful insights into how we behave, teaches us how to think in stunning clarity and illuminates our understanding of fundamental everyday issues.

I want to show you that Economics is amazing.

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Who am I?

My name is Mark. I love teaching and I love Economics.

Aside from teaching and Economics, I want to live an inspired life so I try to fill my life with inspiring things. To me that includes time with family, reading books and blogs that transmit wisdom, yoga, mindemptiness, walking in nature and music from almost any genre as long as it has substance.

Why should you listen to a word I say?

First, I learned from the best. I had an incredible Economics teacher that made every other subject I had studied seem just so ordinary in comparison. Second, I have over fifteen years experience of working with brilliant young people – seeing the hurdles they face, seeing what sparks their passion and turns lightbulbs on in their heads. I haven’t always got it right but I’ve always tried to make a positive difference in their lives. Finally you’ll be hard-pushed to find someone who loves the subject and all its intricacies as much as me.

So if you want to ignite your love of Economics, to achieve great things at A Level and to do it without any fuss or waste, then let me show you that Economics is amazing. Now let’s get to work!

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